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Edilio Parodi has been importing and distributing toys in Italy since almost a century. 

The Parodi family has become specialised in quality toys. Alfredo Parodi started the business in 1916 with Meccano (construction sets), he was followed by his son Edilio that introduced in Italy the famous Dinky Toys models. 

After the second world war, Edilio started a new activity based on Meccano/Dinky Toys and added new toys brands.

Nowadays the two sons of Edilio, Giovanni Battista and Arturo are running the business.

The name of the company comes from the founder Edilio who is well known to have imported in Italy at the beginning of 70s Subbuteo, the famous table football game.

When in 1995 the English owner of Subbuteo sold the brand to an American company, the Parodi family encouraged by  Edilio and the experience gained in many years with Subbuteo, managed to launch the Italian version of table football called Zeugo, in Genova´s dialet meaning "game".

Today the company is also specialised in printing and personalising T-shirts, ceramics, souvenirs and other promotional articles.